Roastery Café

We’ve been roasting coffee on Marguerite Vibys Plads since 2019, and are now excited to open the doors to all; serving a wide selection of coffees every weekday, and with time inviting you into our world of tastings and talks.

La Cabra Roastery
Marguerite Vibys Plads 8
2000 Frederiksberg

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday          8AM - 4PM
Saturday - Sunday      Closed

For any inquiries or questions concerning the Roastery, please write in the chat. We do not accept table reservations.

Roastery & Headquarters

Our headquarters and roastery is located in a protected former gasworks, the last remaining trace of this former industrial hub in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. 

The beautiful red stone building is a stark contrast to the modern Marguerite Vibys Plads, and has been home to our production and main offices since 2019. Our 35 kg Loring roaster is fired up each morning, and it’s from here that we send coffee to enthusiasts around the world.