Raw Material

We have long understood the importance of our raw material, just as we do in the roastery. Having respect for the farmers and millers who create our raw materials, and appreciating their hard work and craftsmanship is a core part of what we do. We understand that flour isn’t simply a commodity, and that each bag we open is a responsibility to the talented people that have gone before us. Being inspired by them, and carrying their voice and product to the final consumer in the most transparent way possible, is one of our aims with our bakeries.

Sourdough bread

Our bread is the authentic reflection of our philosophy. It showcases the purity, simplicity and ethics we wish to be associated with, while we highlight the beauty of quality grains. Small-scale food production with quality ingredients sourced close to home takes us towards a food system that prioritises superior taste.


Our bread takes days to mature, and is 100% naturally leavened. Aside from aligning with our philosophy in bread production, the slow moving, self-sustaining process is an incredible thing to witness. These slow-proofed doughs lead to loaves of exceptional quality and flavour development. The result is a light and hearty bread, with a deeply-coloured crust from the well-developed sugars in the dough, a sweet and slightly tangy flavour, and a wild, irregular, custardy crumb structure.


Just as with bread, pastry production is a cornerstone of our work, and a reflection of our philosophy. We emphasise local organic ingredients and reject the use of processed artificial colours and flavour compounds commonly used in pastry production.


Our vision is an innovative pastry that blends both traditional and modernist techniques and flavours, working with what is available seasonally, minimally processed and emphasising single portion pieces such as individual tarts or petit gâteaux. We avoid artificial colours and flavours, frozen purées, additives and preservatives, decorations or visual elements that mask the integrity of the product, its preparation, and ultimately how it tastes.