Pour over & Cupping

  • The course lasts 2 hours and is in English
  • Introduction to specialty coffee "Cupping" of different countries of origin as well as different qualities and varieties
  • Terroir in coffee and how it plays a role in the taste
  • Hand brewing, everything you need to brew good coffee at home
  • Extraction, the theory surrounding coffee extraction and how to make a good extraction at home
  • Brew in several different ways and taste the difference
Price: 399 DKK pr. person

The event

This event is focussed on improving your filter coffee brewing at home. We start with a brief introduction to our approach to sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee, before moving on to a tasting of several coffees. Here we explain the story behind each coffee and demystify the language used to describe them, so you can always choose the right one for you. We then move forward to brewing coffee with different brew methods; exploring how can you get the best out of your coffee by using the right water and adjusting brewing variables such as grind size, time and brew ratios. This section is always flexible; participants can get advice on their specific setup at home so that everyone can get the most out of it. We always have the time for open conversation, so no question will be left unanswered.

This event will take around 2 hours, starting from 19:15. 

It will be held in English.

Please send an e-mail to kaffeskole@lacabra.dk, if you have any questions regarding the course.

About La Cabra

La Cabra Coffee is a modern coffee company established in Aarhus, Denmark in 2012. Curious about what lay further down the coffee chain, we threw ourselves into sourcing and roasting our own coffee, our own way, in 2013. Part of the advantage of growing in a small town is the lack of external influence, allowing us to forge an honest and novel approach to coffee. This honesty and dedication led to a reputation at home in Aarhus, where a passionate team still runs our coffee bars and bakery.

Attention also began to trickle in from further afield, and today La Cabra is a widely recognised coffee roaster; we are proud to be working with many valued and quality driven wholesale partners to create exceptional coffee experiences in cities across the globe, and with dedicated home users and subscribers in more than 60 countries. Over the past few years we have further expanded our coffee horizons, moving to our new roastery location in Copenhagen, and opening our first international locations in New York, Bangkok and Oman.