Sourdough course

  • A 4.5 hour course in baking with sourdough.
  • Your loaf to take home in a proofing basket, ready to bake the following day.
  • A proofing basket, sourdough starter and samples.
  • Competent and experienced instructors.
  • Personal guidance and time for questions.
  • A written guide to aid in your continued practice at home.
  • Coffee, tea, apple juice and water throughout the evening.
  • Small servings of bread, cheese and charcuterie, and samples of various baked goods.
Price: 1200 DKK pr. person

What to expect

Join us for a pleasant and educational evening at La Cabra's bakery in Aarhus, where you will be guided in making your own bread, leavened with sourdough. We’ll take you through our whole process, from feeding the sourdough to a finished loaf of bread, with a focus on giving you the best opportunity to succeed in creating your own sourdough loaves at home.

Over the course of the evening you will learn about the basic theoretical and practical elements of sourdough baking, such as the importance of water, flour, time, temperature and proper handling of the dough. You will receive a sourdough starter and a written guide to take home after the course, so you can continue baking at home.

La Cabra Bakery

A great cup of coffee should be paired with baked goods of the same quality. This is the reason we've opened La Cabra Bakery, where we raise our bread on a culture of native wild yeast and bacteria known as sourdough. The complexity in flavour, texture and nutrition created in these loaves can simply not be matched by the isolated baker’s yeast used in industrial baking. We understand that flour is not just flour, and that each bag opened symbolises our responsibility to the individuals who produced it. Taking inspiration from this raw material, and presenting it in the most transparent and delicious way, is our main goal in the bakery.