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This month, you have the opportunity to include a bespoke K.H. Würtz Aurora cup in your first subscription order, an exclusively designed K.H. Würtz cup inspired by the work of our friend Hannes Becker.

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Seasonality in coffee

The coffee selection for Rituals follows the seasonal harvest patterns across the coffee belt. We source coffee with intent, creating balanced experiences that illustrate essential concepts from the world of coffee.

This month

This month’s subscription is our first of the season from Colombia, together with one of our longest standing partners, the LaREB collective. Yoiner Mosquera is the son of Durley Sánchez, and nephew of Rigoberto and Orlando, all of whom we have purchased coffee from in the past.

Since Orlando has slowly stepped back from the day to day running of the family business, Yoiner has taken over. His own plot is located close to Don Orlando’s, outside the town of Palestina, where the family have been based since the 1940’s. Yoiner grows exclusively Pink Bourbon, and this month’s natural and washed are a great showcase of the quality and versatility of the varietal.

Natural Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon, while giving a more distinct cup profile than many traditional Colombian varietals, also yields high, and tolerates many diseases and fungi. This natural process lot is an excellent example of the versatility and distinctive profile of Pink Bourbon. The floral aromas are preserved, but softened, while the clear fruit notes in the cup become almost overripe, reminiscent of tropical fruit.

Washed Pink Bourbon

The washed process used here is also a Colombian tradition, de-pulped, fermented for approximately 24 hours, washed, then dried on raised beds. Here we find an excellent example of the Pink Bourbon profile, with complex floral aromatics followed by a very clean currant acidity in the cup, balanced by a rich and syrupy body.

Last month we shared two of the finest Brazilian coffees we can get our hands on. This is the seventh year we have worked with Daterra, and the third year with Fabiano Diniz, connections we have built during our travels to Brazil. Daterra have a meticulous approach, based on high technology and scale. The Diniz family have a more hands-on approach, working on their small farm in the Alto Caparao region.

Last month’s first coffee was grown on Daterra’s Boa Vista farm, with a soft and sweet cup profile lifted by subtle tropical aromas. High altitude, selective picking and careful fermentation at the Diniz family farm lead to crisp notes of apple and rich brown sugar.

Last month's coffees

Yoshinobu Kimura

We met Yoshinobu Kimura in December 2023, at his restaurant in the Minami Aoyama district of Tokyo. A dinner together with our partners from Koffee Mameya surpassed our every expectation; we were in awe of the artistically curated experience

With Rituals, we witness firsthand his love for sake, sushi, and the colorful expressions of Tokyo.

We seek inspiration both within and outside our field, collaborating with talented creatives who share our drive, passion and curiosity about various aspects of life. Each of these connections, however fleeting, has shaped how we create and share coffee experiences. Rituals is our tribute to these connections, a virtual journal that captures the ephemeral moments where everything clicks, where a vision is sparked and the perspective shifts. A memoir in constant motion, where each new notion glints in the glow of all that came before.

Rituals Series

Two distinct
coffees every month

Every month we aim to illustrate core concepts in the world of coffee, showcasing two distinct varietals from the same farm, contrasting experiences from the same region, or an in-depth look at processing techniques. With Rituals, we invite you on a journey of discovery and reflection, celebrating the craft of coffee and the meaningful moments it creates. 

Prices starting at:

DKK 148,00 ($21.40 / €19.80)

With free shipping*