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We source coffees on our travels with Discovery in mind, even involving some of our closest partners in our decisions; which of your coffees would you place next to each other, as a showcase of your work?

The Discovery selection always aims to explore a concept within the world of coffee, showcasing the effects of terroir, varietal, processing and the skilled work of producers in imprinting their distinct character on their coffees. We follow the changing seasons, offering fresh arrivals and new stories each month, building on what we have explored before. Each story we share is entrenched in the decisions and challenges that create the unique character of each coffee, taking you with us to the farm, and into the conversations we have when sourcing the finest raw material we can get our hands on.


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A curated selection of omni-roasted coffees from some of our most loved origins and closest partners, changing 3-4 times per year following the changing seasons.

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I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience and the attention to detail. Beside the fact that the coffee is exceptional, the extra attention to the beautiful packaging, brewing suggestions, farmer’s backstory, details online, and fast shipping, all makes it in my opinion stand out from all other subscriptions I’ve tried. Thanks again and looking forward to next month’s! :)

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With each new coffee, we delve into a new aspect of coffee's journey from field to cup, revealing the captivating narratives that shape each unique lot.

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