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Hario V60 Dripper - Plastic

Hario V60 Dripper - Plastic

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Creating crisp and clean cups of coffee.

Quality plastic construction.

Choose size 01 for 1 cup, or 02 for 2 - 4 cups.

Designed in Japan by renowned manufacturer Hario.

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The classic Hario V60 dripper has unique spirals on the interior of the cup, allowing extra air flow through the thin filter papers leading to a crisper, cleaner coffee finish. We use V60 in our own cafes around the world, find our suggested recipe below.

Pour Over Brew Guide


Equipment: V60, paper filter, scale, timer, grinder, pitcher

Brew time: 3 minutes

Brew temperature: 96°C

Water: 250g (8.18oz) purified water approx. 30-50ppm

Coffee: 15g (0.53oz), medium-fine grind


This straightforward V60 recipe suits all our coffees.

Put the paper in your V60 and give it a good rinse with hot water.

It removes all paper taste and preheat the equipment. 

Remove rinsing water.

0:00 Start the timer, add 60g (2.12oz) of water 

0:45 Pour up to 155g (1.94oz)

1:30 Pour up to 250g (8.18oz)

Technical description

Manufacturer: Hario

Capacity: 1 cup (01), 2-4 cups (02)

Dimensions: W110 × D110 × H90mm

Finish: Clear Plastic