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Buku Hambela - Steeped

Buku Hambela - Steeped


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Buku Hambela, Steeped bag - 6 units of approx. 15g (6 x 0.53oz)


Individually dosed, ground, and sealed in ready-to-brew bags, maintaining the clear aromatic character of freshly ground coffee.

About the coffee 

Ripe strawberry and milk chocolate underpin aromatic top notes of bergamot in this crisp natural lot from Ethiopia.

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The technology behind

Just add filtered water to enjoy one of our picks of the season.

These Steeped bags are a simple and elegant way to present a selection of the coffees we find most exciting, removing many brewing variables, and allowing quality and character to shine.

Individual doses are ground and sealed in nitrogen-flushed packages, maintaining the clear aromatic character of freshly ground coffee, for over a year after roasting.

Buku Hambela

This natural lot was processed at SNAP Coffee’s washing station in the town of Buku Abel, located in the Hambela area of Guji. During our trip to Ethiopia in February, we cupped several tables of excellent coffees from this year’s harvest at SNAP’s headquarters in Addis Ababa. Coffee for this lot was delivered by smallholders surrounding the village, before undergoing natural processing with SNAP’s meticulous team.


Natural Heirloom

The dry and hot conditions during harvest allow for careful and consistent control of natural drying, covering the drying beds with tarps during the most intense hours of sun to protect from damage and slow the drying. Coffee is turned often, and hand sorted at several stages during processing to ensure cleanliness. 

This creates a very clean and rich expression in the cup, with more clarity than we find in traditional Ethiopian naturals. In the case of Buku, this creates a rich and ripe sweetness, reminiscent of strawberry and milk chocolate, underpinning the aromatic top notes of bergamot and black tea.