Collection: Apparel


We initially met the team behind Another Aspect as customers. Over time, we began to appreciate each other’s work in a deeper way, and spoke of ways we could combine forces. 

We set out to design a uniform for use in our locations - both coffee shops and bakeries - something that would match our brand and aesthetic. This collection has its roots in this initial conversation, but has organically expanded into something more. We really admire Another Aspect’s attention to detail and their modern interpretations of classic styles. Together with them we have found interesting materials and updated cuts, to create pieces that reflect both La Cabra and Another Aspect.

Designing Apparel

Responsible design

Another Aspect is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand with a strong focus on responsible design. Their pieces are created with longevity in mind, both in their timeless aesthetic, and in the choice of materials. Here we share a similar engagement in sourcing of raw materials, with Another Aspect focussing on whole lifecycle durability and footprint, from manufacturing, to washing and eventual recycling. 

Another Aspect