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Guillermo Lomas

Guillermo Lomas

A fresh and delicately tropical washed Sidra by Guillermo Lomas, in collaboration with Juan Peña’s CafExporto project. 
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Coffee Expression This washed Sidra has a deep caramel sweetness, delicate tropical fruit, and a fresh and juicy acidity.

Producer Guillermo has only been growing coffee for 9 years, having previously worked with corn and beans.

Whole Bean Coffee / Both for filter and espresso

Technical Data

Producer Juan Peña

Region Loja

Altitude 2000 masl

Varietal Sidra

Process Washed

Harvest August 2023

Taste Expression Sweet & Balanced

Brewing Advise

Water is one of the most critical components of an excellent coffee experience. We recommend using mineral water of a soft Total Dissolved Solids count, ideally below 150 ppm. 

Rested coffee During the resting process, harsh and astringent flavors, which can even be perceived as a ‘roast’ character, soften out, allowing a clearer and brighter expression of the coffee’s character to shine.  

We recommend resting our coffees for at least 10 days after the roast date, and we often find excellent results, especially for particularly dense coffees, beyond 6 weeks.

Brewing Our straightforward approach to coffee carries over into brewing. We recommend our roasted coffee for all brew methods, regardless of whether it is immersion, percolation or espresso. We believe that there is one correct way to roast a single coffee, roasting lightly, in such a way as to release its innate qualities and showcase its quality. Learn more about different brewing techniques and specific brew guides here.

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Guillermo Lomas

CafExporto continue to expand their operation, including coffees from talented producers across Ecuador, those who have great potential to produce high-end speciality lots, but haven’t had access to the market for them. During their travels in Ecuador, the CafExporto team have been shocked by the incredible quality of lots they found being sold into the national market, losing transparency and denying the producer any chance of adding value to their work. Guillermo Lomas has only been growing coffee for 9 years, having previously only grown corn and beans on his farm just outside the town of Nanegal, in the Pinchincha region.

Nanegal is only about a two hour drive from Ecuadorean capital Quito, so Guillermo’s cost of production is rather higher than in more rural regions to the south. Guillermo had previously been able to export some of his coffee on the speciality market, but the success of his work with CafExporto, both in terms of the volume he was able to export and the price paid, has convinced him to dedicate himself to coffee. 

Since we last purchased coffee from Guillermo, he has planted a greater area of the farm with new seedlings provided by CafExporto, and fully embraced Juan Peña’s protocols in fertilisation, fermentation and drying. Guillermo’s coffee was a highlight for us on our first visit to  Cuenca, all the way back in November 2021.

One cup contrasted starkly from the sparkly and delicate Typicas on the rest of the table; deep, rich and creamy, with tropical fruit aromas. We found this character in several Sidra varietal cups during the trip, clearly showcasing the intense sweetness of its Bourbon parentage.


We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Juan Peña, owner of Hacienda La Papaya and CafExporto. Since meeting in Aarhus in 2015, we have purchased many small experimental lots, continuing a conversation through high quality coffee. 

Over the past couple of years, Juan has expanded his work, exporting more Hacienda La Papaya coffee to Europe together with us, and starting the CafExporto project, working with farms across Ecuador. We are  excited to continue our collaboration with Juan, and to share his excellent work with a wider audience. We were able to visit Juan and his team in November 2021, both at the Hacienda and at CafExporto’s base in the nearby city of Cuenca, towards the very end of harvest.