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Mivoatra Chocolate

Mivoatra Chocolate

A limited lot by a small cooperative in northern Madagascar, with notes of fresh raspberry, cherry and pink peppercorn.
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Producer: Mivoatra farmers

53g (7.05oz)

Varietal: Sambirano

Fermentation: Wooden box, 120 hours

Nutrition facts



70% cocoa content


Cocoa bean

Danish sugar

Nutrition pr 100g

Energy - 1915kJ/457 kcal

Fat - 29,9g

Saturated fat - 17,5g

Carbohydrates - 54,9g

Sugars - 30,0g

Fibre - 22,4g

Protein - 10,1g

Salt - 0g

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This limited lot from Madagascar was produced by the Mivoatra cooperative in the Sambirano region, located in the north of the island. The isolated nature of Madagascar leads to a unique basis for cacao production. The incredible biodiversity here leads to fertile soils, and unique hybrids of cacao have naturally cross-pollinated here since Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero were introduced by the French in the early 19th Century. This leads to a unique flavour profile, and as only 0.1% of the world’s annual production of cacao is grown here, Madagascan lots are revered as some of the rarest and most sought after in the world.

The Mivoatra Cooperative

This micro-lot was produced by seven farmers, not too far from Sambirano’s regional capital, Ambanja. Each farmer grows cacao under natural forest shade, alongside food crops in an agroforestry system. Using these systems mean that these farms form a buffer zone that protect Sambirano’s natural forest, and gives them access to rich, diverse and fertile soils. This careful use of the land is encouraged by the cooperative’s leader, Hedwige. Her leadership extends to fermentation of the cacao, performed at her farm under her careful supervision.

The cacao pulp and seeds are fermented for 5 days in wooden boxes, before an additional sorting in the city of Ambanja, where the cacao is finally prepared for export. This careful treatment of excellent raw material leads to a very special cacao, with notes of red fruit and aromatic spice. We find cherry, raspberry and floral pink peppercorn.