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A natural Bourbon processed at Long Miles’ Bukeye station, with soft stewed berry and toffee notes.
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Coffee Expression This natural lot has notes of stewed berries and an intense, toffee-like sweetness.

Producer From our long term partners at the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi.

Whole Bean Coffee / Both for filter and espresso

Brewing Advise

Water is one of the most critical components of an excellent coffee experience. We recommend using mineral water of a soft Total Dissolved Solids count, ideally below 150 ppm. Learn more about water and the effect it has on taste here.

Rested coffee During the resting process, harsh and astringent flavors, which can even be perceived as a ‘roast’ character, soften out, allowing a clearer and brighter expression of the coffee’s character to shine.  

We recommend resting our coffees for at least 10 days after the roast date, and we often find excellent results, especially for particularly dense coffees, beyond 6 weeks.

Brewing Our straightforward approach to coffee carries over into brewing. We recommend our roasted coffee for all brew methods, regardless of whether it is immersion, percolation or espresso. We believe that there is one correct way to roast a single coffee, roasting lightly, in such a way as to release its innate qualities and showcase its quality.

Technical Data

Producer Long Miles

Region Kayanza

Altitude 1900 masl

Varietal Bourbon

Process Natural

Harvest May 2023

Taste Expression Fruity & Rich

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· Coffee is roasted to order

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The Long Miles Coffee Project

The Long Miles Project, founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson, began work in 2013, aiming to raise the bar of specialty coffees coming out of Burundi. The project works with more than 5,000 individual coffee farmers living near three central washing stations, Bukeye, opened in 2013, Heza, from 2014 and Ninga, which had its first harvest in 2020. There are several reasons why producing speciality coffee in Burundi is an incredibly difficult task. 

There’s the incredibly unstable political situation, where government can change rules on coffee prices and value chain seemingly overnight, the practical challenge of being a small landlocked country attempting to export coffee by sea freight, the constant threat of unrest. But through it all the Carlson family have managed to establish themselves as producers and exporters of consistently delicious coffees, all the while providing some semblance of stability to the lives of smallholder farmers that surround their washing stations in the northern Kayanza Province, near the border with Rwanda.

This year has seen another slump in production in Burundi, volumes are significantly lower than the bumper harvest of 2022, but quality has remained at an excellent level, thanks to the Long Miles team’s tireless work at each of the stations. 


This lot was produced by farmers on the Munyinya hill, and processed at Long Miles’ Bukeye station. Munyinya was the hill that initially convinced Long Miles of Burundi’s potential, when small lots of cherry were processed, roasted and cupped in the early days of the project. 

Natural Bourbon

The team at Bukeye have been processing naturals for some time, slowly honing their process to create clean and ripe expressions. Coffee is dried slowly on raised beds over 20-30 days, sorting carefully and turning often. This softens the typical fresh and bright berry notes into a rich and sweet berry jam, and rounds out the often slightly herbal finish into black tea.

Burundi coffees are in season just now, and this year we are proud to share coffee from Munyinya but also from Mikuba, Umutumba and Ninga.