formel B

Restaurant formel B is renowned for its culinary artistry. Since chefs Kristian Arpe-Møller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen took over in 2003, the restaurant has been celebrated for its approach to cuisine. 

Earning a Michelin star within their first year and maintaining it now for two decades, their achievements stand as a testament to their dedication and skill.

formel B is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere, where each meal is a journey of flavours. With an emphasis on simplicity and honesty in dining, the restaurant ensures that every guest feels comfortable and at home.

La Cabra began collaborating with formel B in 2022. Early on, we focused on simple improvements to the brewing equipment setup, emphasising the installation of a Conserv 75e water filtration system from Pentair. This upgrade ensured that the coffees would maintain the same quality in taste as all food and beverages at formel B. 

With our meticulous approach to sourcing and roasting coffee, we share formel B’s passion for excellence and simplicity.

At formel B, the end of a meal is marked not just by a dessert, but by a signature coffee experience. Their current offerings include Central Mattos from Brazil served as espresso, and Roricho from Ethiopia served as filter coffee. 

The team at formel B believe that the coffee serving ‘offers a serene end to the meal, allowing guests to unwind and absorb the impressions from dinner.’

The brewing process at formel B is meticulous. Utilising a small Moccamaster for filter coffee and a Rocket Espresso Boxer A2 for espresso, the team ensures every cup is perfect. Recently, they upgraded from the Conserv 75e to a larger MRS 600 reverse osmosis system by Pentair, further enhancing water quality and consistency. 

Additionally, espresso preparation has been streamlined with the inclusion of a Puqpress for consistent tamping, ensuring optimal extraction every time.

Brewing process

The collaboration between La Cabra and formel B is a testament to how a shared passion for quality and simplicity can elevate both culinary and coffee experiences. 

formel B commented that their ‘perception of coffee has changed significantly after the new wave of smaller coffee suppliers delved deep with the same passion as we've always had in the kitchen, from sourcing the right ingredients in the right season to preparing them as delicately as possible with respect for their delicate flavour and simplicity.’

formel B applies these principles to the coffee they serve, with the support of La Cabra, preferring a lighter, more elegant, and fruity profile over the traditional notes of tobacco, chocolate, and caramel. This approach harmonizes beautifully with formel B’s culinary philosophy, ensuring that every element on the table - from the dish to the cup - complements each other perfectly.

Together, our collaboration continues to evolve, driven by our mutual dedication to offer an exceptional dining and coffee experience that celebrates simplicity and the inherent beauty of our ingredients.