Cold Brew at Democratic

In Copenhagen, the first hints of summer spark a desire for iced coffee drinks. This seasonal shift is celebrated at Democratic, an inner city coffee bar we’ve partnered with for nearly four years.

Democratic sees cold brew as more than just a drink; it's an opportunity to showcase their deep understanding of coffee. Head barista Belen explains, "Our approach to cold brew is unique—it's not just about following recipes, but about crafting something delicate and surprising." 

As the weather warms, Democratic's cold brew becomes a menu highlight. "Our customers look forward to our cold brew as soon as the first signs of spring appear,".

This drink isn't just popular for its flavour, but also as a symbol of seasonal change.

The choice of brewing equipment at Democratic is deliberate. They use the Toddy system because it's user-friendly and cost-effective, making specialty coffee more accessible to everyone. "The felt filter of the Toddy system ensures a pure, clean taste," the team adds.

Democratic offers two types of cold brew: the "Glou Glou," which is sweet and creamy, perfect for those new to cold brew, and the "Funky," which is meant for the more adventurous coffee lovers, featuring a complex, fruity profile. They carefully select coffees for each, often using lots from our Brazilian selection for the "Glou Glou" and exotic varieties for the "Funky."

Precision in brewing is crucial at Democratic. They adjust variables like coffee-to-water ratio, grind size, and brewing time to optimize each batch. "Coffee continuously evolves, which means our brewing approach does too," emphasizing the importance of adapting to the coffee's changing characteristics.

Belen normally uses a ratio of 1:11 or 1:12 for more expressive and wild coffees, and 1:9 for Brazilian coffees”. Grind size, the time and temperature of pre-infusion, and the overall brew time are all adjusted based on the freshness and expression of the coffee. Each brew is served over a considered amount of ice, to create the dilution required.

Brewing ratio