We’re excited to invite you to a very special tasting event, in our locations in Soho, New York and Møntergade, Copenhagen where we will be offering curated tastings of highlights from our lineup of seasonal coffees paired with bespoke chocolates.

Sharing our experience

Inspired by experiences on our travels in coffee, both at origin and in cities around the world, we take an opportunity to slow down, to appreciate the coffees we value most right now. Sharing this kind of long form experience is truly rewarding, allowing us time to communicate the incredible work that goes into producing some of the finest coffees we can get our hands on. 

Partners and pairings

The Ensemble tasting showcases the work of three of our close partners; Wilford Lamastus at Elida, Juan Peña at Hacienda La Papaya and Pedro Sagastume at his farm Los Quetzales. 

For this event, we have paired each lot with a bespoke chocolate serving, an experimental addition to our cacao programme. 

Each chocolate serving has been developed with a partner here in Copenhagen to highlight and elevate its corresponding coffee.

Espresso Course

Hacienda La Papaya Oak Barrel Paired with a creamy rum caramel accentuated by Danish sea salt. 

Filter Course 

Elida Geisha paired with a cascara ganache with the fresh character of ripe coffee cherries.

Signature Drink 

Sagastume Typica paired with a caramel ganache with the aromatics and freshness of bergamot. 

Hacienda La Papaya Oak Barrel 

Fermenting the coffee in oak barrels creates a deep, rich and complex cup; the acidity is a little lower, with fresh fruit character softening into rich dried fruit and very ripe tropical fruit. Produced by Juan Peña, an agricultural engineer based in southern Ecuador. 

We were fortunate enough to visit Juan for the first time in November 2021. We left in awe of his meticulous and experimental approach to farming, and we believe the results can be tasted in the selection we’re sharing with you here. 

For the pairing with the rich caramel and rum chocolate serving, we developed the following recipe:

Oak Barrel Espresso 
17g Coffee in
45g Espresso in the cup 
94C Water temperature, 50ppm
Brewtime: 22 seconds

Espresso: Oak Barrel

Elida Geisha 

The long drying time results in a round and rich expression of the Elida Geisha, and preserves the clean and intense florals. Here, the heady aromatics are backed up by notes of peach and rich tropical fruit in the cup, an excellent example of a clean natural Geisha. 

Robert Lamastus started planting coffee on the Elida Estate in 1918, before expanding down the slopes to El Burro in 1925. Nowadays, the Lamastus Family Estates are run by Robert’s grandson and great-grandson, Wilford and Wilford Jr..

For the pairing with the sweet and aromatic cascara chocolate serving, we developed the following recipe.

Elida Natural Geisha V60
15g Coffee, medium grind size
250g Water 
97C Water temperature, ca. 50ppm
0:00 Pour to 50g
0:45 Pour to 170g
1:30 Pour to 250g

Filter: Elida

Sagastume Typica

The floral notes from the Typica varietal shine here, with jasmine and honeysuckle aromatics followed by black tea in the cup, lifted by soft stone fruit. This Typica was grown at Los Quetzales, one of the plots managed by Pedro, harvested in May of 2023. Los Quetzales is the newest and highest altitude plot, the jewel in the Sagastumes’ crown.

The Sagastume family have been involved in coffee in Santa Barbara for over a century, long before the recent recognition of the potential of the area. We have tasted several lots from the Sagastume family in recent years, and have been consistently impressed.

For the pairing with the floral and bright bergamot serving, we developed the following recipe.

Sagastume Typica Espresso Tonic
Here there is an option to buy tonic, or make it yourself. 
Find the recipe for Tonic Sirup by following the link below. 

Add ice to a glass, add tonic (or homemade tonic sirup), sparkling water and espresso in ratio 1:5:1 

Sagastume Typica Espresso 
17g Coffee in
43g Espresso in the cup 
94C Water temperature, 50ppm
Brewtime: 23 seconds

Signature: Sagastume

Thank you

We hope you enjoyed a unique experience with our coffees and our emerging line of chocolates. Our goal is to inspire and deliver the finest selections from our journeys sourcing both coffee and cacao.

We value your feedback on events and experiences like this one. Please feel free to share your thoughts either here in the chat or directly to us on any of our social media platforms.

We look forward to your feedback and hope to see you again at one of our locations soon.