Koffee Mameya & Hacienda La Papaya

Since we first shared our coffees with Koffee Mameya back in 2018, we have been honoured to be included on Omotesando menus in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London. 

We are proud of and grateful for our friendship with Koffee Mameya; a dedicated and passionate team that enable memorable coffee experiences.

At La Cabra, we are continuously inspired by the care and attention to detail shown at Koffee Mameya, with the clear aim of providing excellence in both customer service and sensory experience. 

We believe this to be among the most unique and ambitious approaches to coffee service we have encountered on our travels.

In December of 2023, we selected a lineup of coffees from Juan Peña at Hacienda La Papaya, each reflecting Juan, La Cabra and Mameya’s shared approach to quality, through attention to detail and meticulous dedication.

Hacienda La Papaya

‘Equal Course’

Together with Juan and the team from Mameya, we sourced coffees specifically for the collaboration, including some very small and rare lots which were only offered during the limited period of their ‘Equal Course’. 

Washed Reserve Typica, Oak Barrel Sidra and Natural Geisha.

Equal Course Menu

Cold brew

Choice of one. Washed Reserve Typica, Oak Barrel Sidra or Natural Geisha.

Oats milk Mocktail

Prepared with Oak Barrel Sidra

Hand brew

Choice of one. Washed Reserve Typica, Oak Barrel Sidra or Natural Geisha.

Espresso Mocktail

Prepared with Washed Reserve Typica

20ml   Typica Espresso

15ml    Housemade Cordial

Cordial Ingredients

2.5g   Sage Syrup

10g    Dill Syrup

3.0g   Nema (Distilled Water)

1.0g   Cacao Vinegar

Hacienda La Papaya: Coffees

This year we selected a variety of lots from Hacienda La Papaya, of which two are currently available. A floral and delicate washed Typica, shaped by Juan Peña’s meticulous approach, alongside Oak Barrel - also from the 'Mejorado' Typica trees, but fermented in oak barrels to create a wild and rich expression, driven by sweet dried fruit.

Oak Barrel Washed Typica