Shared values

With Bolia we share a creative passion for the Scandinavian approach to design and craft. They offer a seasonal collection by talented designers from all over the world, much like our selection of seasonal coffees. They also seek opportunities to blur the lines between creativity, fashion, music, art and in this case, quality sensory experiences.

The beginning

Early in 2019, we met with the Bolia team and discussed how a simple approach to sharing quality coffee could add value to the customer experience in their stores. Initially we worked with bespoke bars designed around Moccamaster brewers, with a built-in water filter from Everpure, and a Fellow Ode grinder. These bars were rolled out to twenty concept stores across Europe, a number which has increased over the intervening years. We have also expanded our collaboration to include espresso in select locations, starting with Bolia’s headquarters in our shared hometown of Aarhus. The espresso set-up is centred around the impressively engineered super-automatic Cameo, manufactured in Switzerland by Eversys. These machines not only brew excellent espresso and milk beverages, but allow central control of brewing and drink recipes, allowing us to remotely ensure quality from the roastery in Copenhagen. We have been consistently impressed by the coffee beverages these machines are able to create, and have now begun rolling them out to further Bolia locations.

Organic coffee

The last key ingredient was sourcing a suitable coffee for Bolia. From our network of producing partners we settled on an organic lot from Peru. We sourced this coffee exclusively for Bolia from the Alta Montaña cooperative, consisting of around 400 smallholder farmers in the Amazonas region of northern Peru. Now armed with coffee knowledge and brewing training from our team, Bolia employees serve organic seasonal coffees to their customers each day.

Testimonial from Suzanne Nørholm, Bolia on our collaboration - January 2024

What does quality coffee mean to Bolia?

The collaboration has been brought to life by our shared focus on honest materials and respect for good craftsmanship. La Cabra is meticulous when they choose their raw materials and prioritise their honest and organic taste. And so are we. And this is precisely the foundation for the collaboration, which is based on our shared values of sustainability, honesty, transparency and extraordinary craftsmanship. Whether it's traditional wood craftsmanship or delicious coffee brewing.

Why did Bolia's choice fall on La Cabra?

We love working with other passionate souls, who care just as much about their craft as we do – and we even share the same hometown, Aarhus.

We believe that extraordinary things occur in the intersection of innovation and tradition. And this approach is echoed when, together with other creative minds, we create design collections and experiences. Experiences that aren't limited to design, but instead that include all the senses, and which are united by a shared passion. All to share our creativity, challenge our outlook on life and stay curious about the world around us. That's the idea behind our creative collaboration with La Cabra Coffee.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of La Cabra?

Brilliant craftsmanship – and of course, world-class coffee.

What is your experience of the collaboration with La Cabra?

Our collaboration with La Cabra & Dane from the team is very positive. Dane has been accommodating and the encouragement from his side is surely positive for our relationship. Through regular meetings and follow-up on the collaboration, Dane has shown great professionalism. In addition, Dane is generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise with us, which has been very valuable. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.