The original La Cabra café is located in Aarhus' popular Latin Quarter. Our Graven location sits in a sunny spot, where Aarhus locals stroll by on the way to the many independent business, bars and cafés in the area.

La Cabra - Graven
Graven 20
8000 Aarhus C

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday       8AM - 6PM
Sunday                          9AM - 5PM

For any inquiries or questions concerning the café in Graven, please write to us in the chat. We do not accept table reservations.

Where it all started

This location, opened in 2012, was where the La Cabra journey started, initially housing both the roastery and the bakery in the basement. Since then, the roastery and bakery have grown out of the basement, moving to their own locations. The original La Cabra café remains in Graven however, serving bright coffees each day to travelling coffee enthusiasts and valued local regulars.