Ancient crafts and modern shapes

Utilising a 21st-century Nordic aesthetic combined with a deep respect for age old wheel-turning and glazing traditions, Kasper has produced pieces for noted establishments around the world, and for discerning ceramic collectors. This juxtaposition is part of what has propelled Kasper to success; contemporary design crafted using time-tested artisanal techniques.

Handmade in Denmark

The entire Würtz range is still handmade in Denmark by Kasper and the team in Horsens. Over nearly a decade, the Würtz family has supplied our cafés with ceramics, a commitment to our belief that small details can elevate an experience. Kasper’s beautiful ceramics do just that in our cafes, and we proudly use them in all of our locations.

In 2004, Kasper Würtz founded K.H. Würtz in his hometown of Horsens, aiming to blend ancient ceramic techniques with modern experimentation. Their unique aesthetic, characterised by subtle hues, caught the attention of top Copenhagen chef René Redzepi, leading to a collaboration for Noma's tableware in 2004.

Today, Kasper and his wife Ramona continue to innovate in their Horsens studio, experimenting with new glazing techniques to create ceramics with distinctive colourations and textures. Their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation remains central to K.H. Würtz, whether they’re crafting everyday items or unique pieces.

Kasper Würtz

A part of La Cabra

Würtz ceramics artfully enhance every La Cabra location, from the custom-tiled counters in our East Village, SoHo, and Graven stores to the vases, plates, and cups displayed across all our cafes. Each piece by Kasper Würtz and his team infuses our spaces with a unique artistic spirit, intertwining the craft of ceramics with the vibrant life of our cafes. This integration of art and function elevates the everyday coffee experience, reflecting our dedication to beauty and quality in every detail.