Our new space in Aarhus Ø brings the modern interpretation of La Cabra back home. Here, we have aimed to reflect both the existing features in the BIG-designed Kampanilen, and our architectural language.

La Cabra Kampanilen

Irma Pedersens Gade 120

8000 Aarhus

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday           8AM - 6PM
Sunday                             9AM - 5PM

For any inquiries or questions concerning the café at Kampanilen, please write to us in the chat. We do not accept table reservations.


The existing concrete slab ceiling was cast in-situ, and while beautiful, makes acoustic design difficult. We have therefore designed bespoke acoustic wall panels, and draped the space in heavy curtains. The structural concrete pillars, also cast in-situ in octagonal form, have also been incorporated. Here we have translated their form into an interior design language, suspending tables between them to create a floating structure. 

We have also chosen to reflect modern additions to the La Cabra offering in our return to our home city, through incorporating by-products of cacao production. The floor is composed of natural harpiks-based linoleum, with cacao husk added during casting to give structure.