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A deeply sweet natural Catuai by husband and wife team Antônio Sergio da Silva and Maria Aparecida Silva.
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Coffee Expression This lot, a naturally processed Catuai, showcases notes of fine dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut, backed up by a dried fruit sweetness

Producer Produced by husband and wife team Antônio Sergio da Silva and Maria Aparecida Silva

Whole Bean Coffee / Both for filter and espresso

Brewing Advise

Water is one of the most critical components of an excellent coffee experience. We recommend using mineral water of a soft Total Dissolved Solids count, ideally below 150 ppm. Learn more about water and the effect it has on taste here.

Rested coffee During the resting process, harsh and astringent flavors, which can even be perceived as a ‘roast’ character, soften out, allowing a clearer and brighter expression of the coffee’s character to shine.  

We recommend resting our coffees for at least 10 days after the roast date, and we often find excellent results, especially for particularly dense coffees, beyond 6 weeks.

Brewing Our straightforward approach to coffee carries over into brewing. We recommend our roasted coffee for all brew methods, regardless of whether it is immersion, percolation or espresso. We believe that there is one correct way to roast a single coffee, roasting lightly, in such a way as to release its innate qualities and showcase its quality.

Technical Data

Producer Silva Family

Region Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude 1000 masl

Varietal Catuai

Process Natural

Harvest October 2022

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· Coffee is roasted to order

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Fazenda Serrinha

Fazenda Serrinha has only been owned by Antônio Sergio da Silva and Maria Aparecida Silva since 2010. The Silva family have been working with coffee since 1985, initially leasing land, earning enough to raise their three children and saving to buy their own farm. 

They landed on the plot that became Serrinha, only 25 hectares, of which 15 are planted with coffee. This is an extremely small scale of growing coffee compared with many in the Cerrado region, for example Fazenda Dois Irmãos, our previous Brazilian release, was grown on 402 hectares of land. Maria and Antônio grow Catigua and Catuai, this is an example of the latter. 

Processed using a natural method, this lot showcases deep notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate, backed up by a dried fruit sweetness.

Cerrado Mineiro

The region of Cerrado Mineiro is part of the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. In 2013 the region became the first in Brazil to be granted a protected designation of origin certificate, similar to Champagne or Scotch whisky. To qualify for the title ‘Cerrado’, the coffees must be speciality grade (80+) and grown above 800 masl in the Cerrado Mineiro region. 

The 4500 producers of the Cerrado region produces 6 million bags of coffee a year, from 210,000 hectares of coffee growing lands. Most of the lands here are of quite low altitude compared to most of the coffee we buy here at La Cabra, and are more flat, rather than on more mountainous terrain. 

The region has characteristic and distinct seasons, with a wet warm summer, and a dry winter, leading to more consistency in growing conditions between years. The dry climate during harvest means less issues with drying coffees, part of the reason so many high quality naturals are produced here.