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K.H. Würtz Cup

K.H. Würtz Cup - White

K.H. Würtz Cup - White

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K.H. Würtz x La Cabra

A result of our collaboration with K.H. Würtz. Ancient crafts and modern shapes, handmade in Denmark. Hand-thrown using a traditional wheel and hand-glazed using ancient techniques. 

Size Guide

Size: 120ml, 150 ml or 220ml. 

In our shops we use: 120ml for an espresso, 150 ml for a cappuccino and for filter coffee and 220ml for a latte.

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A new coffee aesthetic

The collaboration between K.H. Würtz and La Cabra has resulted in a ceramic coffee cup that reflects our shared appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. K.H. Würtz is comprised of Kasper Würtz, and his team who have devoted considerable time and attention to becoming skilled ceramicists since the 1970s. Drawing on these decades of experience, the team sets out to produce beautiful hand-crafted ceramic pieces in in their studio in Horsens, Denmark.

The cup

Utilizing a 21st-century Nordic aesthetic combined with a deep respect for age old wheel-turning and glazing traditions, Kasper has produced pieces for some of the world’s finest establishments, including noma in Copenhagen. This juxtaposition is part of what has propelled Kasper to success; contemporary design crafted using time-tested artisanal techniques.


Over the past six years Würtz has supplied our cafés with ceramics, a commitment to our belief that small details can elevate an experience. We are of the opinion that Kaspers beautiful ceramics can do just that in our cafes, and proudly use them in our locations in Aarhus alongside a few cherished partners around the world.