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ZeroWater replacement filter

ZeroWater Replacement Filters

ZeroWater Replacement Filters

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Pack of 2 replacement filters for the Zero Water Jug.

About ZeroWater

The Zero Water allows long-lasting and reliable filtration, even with difficult source waters. The filter delivers nearly completely mineral-free water, allowing the use of mineral additions or mixing with source water to achieve a desired hardness for brewing.

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Water filtration

We speak often about the importance of filtered water in creating transparent and delicious coffee experiences. In our cafés, we employ carefully tuned reverse osmosis systems, but replicating their filtration results at home has been difficult. Especially in Denmark, and other hard water areas, the delicate, clean and juicy character of the finest coffees can be completely destroyed by brewing with high mineral content tap water.

Dissolved minerals in water exist as charged ions, which help us to bind to the flavour compounds that lead to the most exciting and involving cups. But balance of each is important, too much of one type of ion, and we can end up with a sharp and sour cup, too much of another, and the coffee is flat, dull and lifeless.


Water for coffee brewing

Over the past few months, we have been testing several systems, and are now excited to offer the Zero Water filter. The impressively consistent filtration, and the built-in TDS meter create an excellent solution for coffee at home.

Simply add a small amount of tap water back to the filtered water to reach the desired hardness, measure in parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids. Depending on the source water mineral content, we recommend a TDS of around 50 ppm, with lower ppm numbers giving a fresher and more delicate experience, while higher numbers lead to heavier body and lower acidity.

We believe this transition will take your coffee experience at home to new heights, setting a standard for filtration consistency.