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Fredy Sabillon

Fredy Sabillon

Rich stewed fruit, enhanced by the honey process in this lot by Fredy Sabillon in Santa Barbara, Honduras
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Coffee Expression This is our second year working with coffee from Fredy Sabillon. Fredy’s honey Parainema has a rich and deep fruit profile in the cup.

Producer Fredy’s farm sits at a lower altitude than many of the other producers we work with in Santa Barbara, meaning he has to find different methods to produce quality.

Whole Bean Coffee / Both for filter and espresso

Brewing Advise

Water is one of the most critical components of an excellent coffee experience. We recommend using mineral water of a soft Total Dissolved Solids count, ideally below 150 ppm. Learn more about water and the effect it has on taste here.

Rested coffee During the resting process, harsh and astringent flavors, which can even be perceived as a ‘roast’ character, soften out, allowing a clearer and brighter expression of the coffee’s character to shine.  

We recommend resting our coffees for at least 10 days after the roast date, and we often find excellent results, especially for particularly dense coffees, beyond 6 weeks.

Brewing Our straightforward approach to coffee carries over into brewing. We recommend our roasted coffee for all brew methods, regardless of whether it is immersion, percolation or espresso. We believe that there is one correct way to roast a single coffee, roasting lightly, in such a way as to release its innate qualities and showcase its quality.

Technical Data

Producer Fredy Sabillon

Region Santa Barbara

Altitude 1350 masl

Varietal Parainema

Process Honey

Harvest March 2023

Taste Expression Fruity & Rich

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Fredy Sabillon

Fredy’s father worked with coffee, and brought Fredy to the farm from a young age. Fredy has managed his own farm since 2006, when he planted coffee on the small plot he inherited from his father. Using this experience, he bought this 3 hectare plot together with his brother. After hearing of neighbours finding success with speciality coffee, and with Parainema, Fredy decided to follow suit. 2023 was only his fourth year producing speciality coffee, and he is still learning with each harvest, constantly improving.

Honey Parainema

Fredy’s farm sits at a lower altitude than many of the other producers we work with in Santa Barbara, meaning he has to find different methods to produce quality. He does this in two ways. The daytime heat was clear to feel when we visited Fredy in March 2023, especially compared to some of the Sagastumes’, and the Morenos’ high altitude plots. This means pests and fungal infections thrive, so the resistance of the Parainema varietal is vital here.

The inherent acidity of the varietal also adds a ‘high grown’ profile in the cup than wouldn’t normally be possible here. The next method Fredy uses is careful processing; this lot was processed as a honey, with a 20 hour pre-fermentation in closed tanks, before drying on raised beds for around 15 days. The pre-fermentation under warm conditions, alongside the relatively long drying time, means a degree of process influence on the cup, softening the Paraneima character into rich and ripe fruit.