Michael professes to a simple outlook on coffee, serving up a light but juicy filter, most often a natural process, and a full-bodied, chocolatey, nutty espresso from our Brazilian range. True to their Melbourne roots, the Doomsday coffee of choice is most definitely a ‘flatty’. We can also attest to consistently being served some of the finest milk drinks in Copenhagen at Doomsday.

‘It’s the most Melbourne thing you can get in a cafe. We try to do things here as Melbourne as possible.’

‘That last Ethiopian natural we had was f**king fire! Best filter so far.’

Doomsday Deli recipes


Setup: La Marzocco GB5 equipped with an Everpure Conserv water filter.

Mahlkoenig E65S Grind by Weight

‘We brew 1:2 on espresso and pour around 28 seconds so the espresso cuts through the milk’


Setup: 1.8L Moccamaster

Mahlkoenig EK43

‘We always brew 1:17 on filter and play with the grind size, both for filter and for nitro.’