Last month I travelled to Lisbon to spend some time with our long term partner Ricardo at Dramatico. We have worked closely with Ricardo for a few years now, and really value the relationship. - Mark

The aesthetic and ambiance that Ricardo has created at Dramatico is truly unique and we are proud to have him present our coffees so well. 

The event lasted all day, with a special menu curated. We were pouring Nansebo on espresso, which was tasting super crisp and bright. 

On hand brew, we were brewing two exceptional coffees - Elida Natural and Oma Natural. 

These coffees were very well rested (10 weeks) and were really shining at Dramatico.

We also served Matcha from Kettl, which went down really well with Ricardo’s regulars.In the evening, we hosted two invite only cuppings where we tasted the 8 incredible coffees that made up our Fractal bundle. 

A really special table of coffees - it was great to share these with Ricardo and his regular customers and friends.